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We are a company that provides support in the field of rock blasting with explosives, both in open-pit and underground operations.

Our main focus is on safety and operational quality, as we believe that raising the standards of an operation is the most economical and efficient way to achieve better results.

We engage in delivering courses, training, capacity building, and mentorship, as well as conducting and reviewing procedures, audits, and technical and operational consulting.

We provide support for optimizations, tests for the introduction of new products, economic and operational analyses of blasting operations, as well as a comprehensive evaluation of the quality and results of detonations.

We serve clients in both the mining and construction sectors.

The majority of our work is conducted remotely, offering cost-effectiveness, but we also provide in-person services when necessary.

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Graduated in mining engineering from the Federal University of Pernambuco, I have been engaged in technical projects and operational management in the rock blasting field in mining for over 10 years, with experience in both open-pit and underground mines. During this period, I had the opportunity to work on both sides of the industry, both as a mine engineer and with third-party companies, providing a broad perspective and an understanding of the client's needs and the capabilities of the service provider.

Continuous exposure to field activities allowed me to validate theoretical concepts and apply them in both operational and technical tasks. This involved using various equipment, software, and technologies applied to the explosives blasting area.

International experiences provided exposure to other languages such as Spanish and English, as well as immersion in different cultures and standards.

Bruno Pimentel, founder of Blasting Training

With a dynamic and easily relatable profile, I highlight my roles in leadership and management of complex operations with performance goals and indicators in innovative projects, emphasizing high safety standards.

I have led technical teams in various continuous improvement projects, as well as complex operations with high production levels, overseeing explosive factory management and operational teams.

Bruno Pimentel - Founder of Blasting Training

​Mission and Values

Elevating safety and operational quality standards through training and support for professionals in the field of rock blasting with explosives.

Serve as a source of guidance and reference for students and new professionals during their education and training.

Develop a professional development program aimed at raising safety standards, operational excellence, increasing technical capacity, and improving procedure quality.

We believe that quality and safety go hand in hand and are responsible for delivering the best results.


we shape the world around us, opening pathways and moving mountains with efficiency, quality, and safety!



are here to help you shape the world in a safe and high-quality manner.


The quality of the results is a reflection of what we do throughout the entire process to achieve them.

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